Hi, my Name is Erica and I am a PhD student studying Plant science and Cell Biology.

This is me, and although you may not be abl19620164_10155646389165676_2025453369769978720_oe to tell from my photo, I suffer from anxiety and mild depression.

I love my work, and I love my PhD. But, it can be hard at times. During my PhD I have suffered with anxiety and depression, and this has had an impact on my every day life. Mental health isn’t talked about nearly enough in the science community, and I hope that maybe through these posts- I can help change it, even slightly.

I was first diagnosed April 2016- though I can say I suffered from Anxiety for longer than that. Since then I have had medication to help, and have used CBT to help myself deal with my anxiety. A year on, and I am in a much better place than I was and now have strategies in place that I can use to help myself cope when under pressure.

I feel it is important to talk about mental health in general- but especially in the world of science and the postgraduate student.It is important to know that having anxiety or depression is not a weakness. It is not something you should have to suffer with alone, and most definitely does not reduce your worth as a scientist.

Throughout my PhD I have done as much science communication as I can. I love science, talking about science, and talking about my current lab work. So, for this blog I have decided to combine the things I love Science and SciComm with my experiences as PhD with anxiety. 

I hope my posts can help in some way- whether its too hear about some cool new science, to learn about the reality of science in the lab and PhD life in general, or to find out more about how anxiety can affect day to day life.