Meet the Scientist

Hi everyone and welcome to the first post in the new series: meet the scientist! Since starting my PhD and this Blog I have met many inspiring scientists- and I want to share their amazing research, and journeys from student to fully fledged scientist with you! In this series I hope I can show you the … Continue reading Meet the Scientist

What is Plant transformation? Part 2: Transient transformation

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about stable plant transformation, which is used for the long-term research of genes, and for long-term production of a trait/compound. This post is going to focus on another plant transformation technique: Transient transformation. What is transient transformation? Transient transformation is a mechanism to introduce or silence genes temporarily … Continue reading What is Plant transformation? Part 2: Transient transformation


Mental health awareness day was this week: It's a day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy against social stigma, so it felt right to do another post about mental health. Why is mental health awareness so important? This year an article was published in Science showing that up to 1/3 of PhD students will … Continue reading Signs