Meet The Scientist

Hello everyone and welcome to the latest "Meet the scientist"! In this series I wanted to show you the range of research being undertaken by PhD students across the country- and shine a light on the secret world of the PhD student. The scientists showcased in this series are all amazing scientists and role models, … Continue reading Meet The Scientist

There is more to the PhD than the PhD

Everyone has a different approach to their PhD: there are people who come in to do the PhD, and go home, and there are the ones who get involved in societies, outreach and science communication. Each to their own. But for me- being able to get involved in outreach and science communication is one of the … Continue reading There is more to the PhD than the PhD

A day in the life: What do I actually do?

The world of the Science PhD student is shrouded in mystery. What sorts of things do we actually do? How do we spend our days? What experiments do we do? I shall offer you a bit of insight by showing you my typical day in the lab... at the moment! Currently I am doing more in my … Continue reading A day in the life: What do I actually do?

What is plant transformation?

You may have heard plant scientists saying they used "plant transformation" to express a gene within a target plant. But what exactly does this mean? What is plant transformation? Plant transformation is a way to insert DNA from another organism- normally another plant, into the genome of a plant of interest. For example, in my work I … Continue reading What is plant transformation?

Does plant science have a image problem?

  Where are all the plant scientists? This week I went on a mission- to find more plant science blogs to follow. Although science publications are great for communicating science to each other, it is nice to read about what others are doing in a less academic setting- via blogs. I follow a whole bunch … Continue reading Does plant science have a image problem?