Meet The Scientist

Hello everyone and welcome to the latest "Meet the scientist"! In this series I wanted to show you the range of research being undertaken by PhD students across the country- and shine a light on the secret world of the PhD student. The scientists showcased in this series are all amazing scientists and role models, … Continue reading Meet The Scientist

Out of this world plants

On Wednesday I attended (and volunteered at) a pint of science event- "An evening with an astronaut". This was an amazing event with Dr Michael Foale (astronaut) and ISSET Director Chris Barber- which showed us about what it is like living in space. The whole talk was great- but one thing that really … Continue reading Out of this world plants

Whats new in the world of Plants?

January so far has been an exciting month for plant science- here are three of my favourite plant stories that may have passed you by! Plant Tattoos: Scientists from Iowa State University have developed a new graphene-based, sensors on tape that can be attached to plants. This tool dubbed the "plant tattoo sensor" is a … Continue reading Whats new in the world of Plants?

Plants that do more

Happy New Year everyone!! To kick off the new year here is a post about some uses of plants that you may not have known about... Phytoremediation: Phytoremediation is a fancy way of saying 'using plants to remove contamination'. There are many ways in which chemical and biological contaminants can get into the environment- causing contaminated … Continue reading Plants that do more

Five Plants of Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! In celebration of the upcoming Christmas celebrations here is a more Christmassy themed post- a few facts about our favourite christmas plants. 1.) Mistletoe. "Christmas time, Mistletoe and wine..." Mistletoe is a plant which has been written about in stories, poems and songs for hundreds of years, and now is synonymous with Christmas. It is a semi-parasitic … Continue reading Five Plants of Christmas

The method that has plant scientists excited: CRISPR Cas9

You may have heard of a technique now commonly being used in plant science: CRISPR/Cas9. But what is this? and why is it causing such a buzz in the science world? What is CRISPR/Cas9? CRISPR/Cas9 is a new(ish) tool used for targeted genome editing. This means that a specific change can be made to the … Continue reading The method that has plant scientists excited: CRISPR Cas9

There is more to the PhD than the PhD

Everyone has a different approach to their PhD: there are people who come in to do the PhD, and go home, and there are the ones who get involved in societies, outreach and science communication. Each to their own. But for me- being able to get involved in outreach and science communication is one of the … Continue reading There is more to the PhD than the PhD

Meet the Scientist

Hi everyone and welcome to the first post in the new series: meet the scientist! Since starting my PhD and this Blog I have met many inspiring scientists- and I want to share their amazing research, and journeys from student to fully fledged scientist with you! In this series I hope I can show you the … Continue reading Meet the Scientist