How plant science will change the world — The Biochemist Blog

Before Christmas I was given the opportunity to write a post for The Biochemist Blog- check it out via the link below!   By Erica Hawkins, John Innes Centre, University of East Anglia, Norwich Plant science is a lot more important than you realise. It has often been cast as cell biology’s less exciting sibling. … Continue reading How plant science will change the world — The Biochemist Blog

Meet The Scientist

Hello everyone and welcome to the latest "Meet the scientist"! In this series I wanted to show you the range of research being undertaken by PhD students across the country- and shine a light on the secret world of the PhD student. The scientists showcased in this series are all amazing scientists and role models, … Continue reading Meet The Scientist

Out of this world plants

On Wednesday I attended (and volunteered at) a pint of science event- "An evening with an astronaut". This was an amazing event with Dr Michael Foale (astronaut) and ISSET Director Chris Barber- which showed us about what it is like living in space. The whole talk was great- but one thing that really … Continue reading Out of this world plants

Whats new in the world of Plants?

January so far has been an exciting month for plant science- here are three of my favourite plant stories that may have passed you by! Plant Tattoos: Scientists from Iowa State University have developed a new graphene-based, sensors on tape that can be attached to plants. This tool dubbed the "plant tattoo sensor" is a … Continue reading Whats new in the world of Plants?

Plants that do more

Happy New Year everyone!! To kick off the new year here is a post about some uses of plants that you may not have known about... Phytoremediation: Phytoremediation is a fancy way of saying 'using plants to remove contamination'. There are many ways in which chemical and biological contaminants can get into the environment- causing contaminated … Continue reading Plants that do more

Five Plants of Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! In celebration of the upcoming Christmas celebrations here is a more Christmassy themed post- a few facts about our favourite christmas plants. 1.) Mistletoe. "Christmas time, Mistletoe and wine..." Mistletoe is a plant which has been written about in stories, poems and songs for hundreds of years, and now is synonymous with Christmas. It is a semi-parasitic … Continue reading Five Plants of Christmas

The method that has plant scientists excited: CRISPR Cas9

You may have heard of a technique now commonly being used in plant science: CRISPR/Cas9. But what is this? and why is it causing such a buzz in the science world? What is CRISPR/Cas9? CRISPR/Cas9 is a new(ish) tool used for targeted genome editing. This means that a specific change can be made to the … Continue reading The method that has plant scientists excited: CRISPR Cas9